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Set of 4 Extendable Wax Highlight Marker

Set of 4 mini extendable wax highlight markers in case. Works on a variety of paper surfaces and will not bleed through the paper. Will not dry out if left uncapped. Highlight colours - Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink. Colours - Clear Size - 108 x 20 x 70mm (LxHxD) Decoration Area(s) - Pad Print : 60 x 30mm (LxH); 4CP Standard Label : 71 x 41mm (LxH); 4CP Digital Direct Print : Case - 70 x 40mm (LxH), Highlighters - 20 x 10mm (LxH) (Lid and Highlighter)

Mop Top Highlighter Pen

Highlighter, pen and screen cleaner in one. Push button ballpoint pen and chisel tip highlighter with smiley face and microfibre hair suitable for cleaning touch screen surfaces. Colours - Black, Blue, Light Green, Orange, Red Size - 22mmL x 165mmH Decoration Area(s) - Pad Print : Barrel - 50mmL x 7mmH

Flower Highlighter

Polypropylene. Choice of 5 colour highlighter in one case. Colourful caps match each ink. Polybagged. Clear Frost. Product Size: 100Hx100Wx20D mm. Print. Size: 50D mm.

Wax Highlight Markers with Stylus in Case

Clear case with three mini wax highlight markers. Superior shelf life to traditional highlight markers - leave the lid off and they still work. Pink, Yellow and Green highlight markers with white barrel and matching transparent lids. Black silicone stylus suitable for touch screens. Colours - Clear Size - Case: 87 x 53 x 20mm (LxHxD), Highlighter: 79mmL x 13mm Diameter Decoration Area(s) - Pad Print : Case - 60 x 30mm (LxH); 4CP Standard Label : Case - 71 x 41mm (LxH)

Recycled Yellow Highlight Marker

Highlighter case made from recycled plastic. Highlighter has yellow ink. Chisel point highlighter. Colours - Natural/Yellow Size - 115 x 25 x 12mm (LxHxD) Decoration Area(s) - Pad Print : Side/s - 55 x 14mm (LxH)

The Hydra Highlighter

A full size highlighter with a soft rubber grip, pocket clip and removable cap. Colours: Pink, Blue or Yellow, Dimension: 114mm long

The Balboa Highlighter

A yellow highlighter pen with small adhesive notes. Colours: White with Yellow Cap, Dimension: 146mm w x 19mm h

The Samosir Highlighter

A small translucent highlighter. Available in four colours. Colours: Pink, Blue, Orange or Yellow, Dimension: 67mm long

Little Guy Highlighter

A four colour highlighter set with a retractable computer brush on the head. Each limb is a different colour. Colours: White with Pink, Green, Yellow and Blue Highlighters, Dimension: 102mm long

High 5 Highlighter

A five colour highlighter set in the shape of a hand. Each finger or thumb has a different colour. Colours: White w/ Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange and Blue Highlighters, Dimension: 95mm w x 76mm h

Daisy Highlighter

A highlighter set in the shape of a daisy. Each petal has a different colour highlighter inside. Colours: Clear with Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink and Orange Highlighters, Dimension: 95mm dia.

Star Shaped Highlighter

A highlighter set in the shape of a star. Each point has a different colour highlighter inside. Colours: White with Green, Orange, Blue, Pink and Yellow Highlighters, Dimension: 114mm w x 109mm h

Trio Highlighter Set

Set of yellow, pink and green pen highlighters with a pocket clip in a round plastic desktop holder. Colours: Silver with Yellow, Pink and Green Highlighters, Dimension: 115mm h x 45mm w

Galveston Gel Highlighter Set

A set of 3 gel highlighters in a carrying case. The tip is formulated from a special gel so they will not smudge or dry out like other highlighters. This gives them an extremely long shelf life. Colours: White, Red or Blue, Dimension: 50mm w x 100mm h

Wax Lipstick Highlighter

Available in 3 ultra-smooth fluorescent colours. The tip is formulated from a special wax, they will not smudge or dry out like other highlighters and they have an extremely long shelf life. The caps are bright and translucent. The highlighter is retractable - twist end of pen to extend and retract highlighter tip. Colours: Yellow, Orange or Pink, Dimension: 137mm long

Fiddle Spinner Highlighter

New functional and fun fiddle spinner. Made of sturdy ABS plastic with steel ball bearings for smooth spinning. Includes Yellow, Green and Pink highlighter marker colours. Perfect for the office, at home or on the go. Colours: White, Dimension: 89mm Diam

The Bitty Highlighter

Description: Single color highlighter with removable cap.

The Mondo Highlighter

Description: Single color highlighter with removable cap.

The Deuce Pen-Highlighter

Description: Combination twist-action ballpoint pen and single color chisel-tip highlighter. Neon color pop accents.

Hang In There Pen with Light

Description: Ballpoint pen with 1 LED and rubber loop for attachment to bags, notebooks and other accessories.

The Slash Pen - Traditional

Description: Retractable ballpoint pen with spray rubber grip.

Jug O' Highlighters

A set of 5 mini highlighters in a clear plastic container. Colours: Clear with Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow and Pink Highlighters, Dimension: 70mm w x 75mm h

Set of three gel markers

Set of three gel markers in the colours yellow, pink and green. When the holder is opened it can be used as a standard for a mobile phone or tablet. The end of the holder is a screen cleaner. product_features : 5,2 x 10,2 x 1,9 cm. product_materials : ABS, PS, PP. product_item_size : 5,2 x 10,2 x 1,9 cm. product_packaging_inner : 100. colours_available_appa : | white . brand_name : The European Collection.

Hand shaped text marker.

Hand shaped five colour plastic text marker. product_features : 7,8 x 9,5 x 1,8 cm. product_materials : PP. product_item_size : 7,8 x 9,5 x 1,8 cm. product_packaging_inner : 25. colours_available_appa : | various . brand_name : The European Collection.

Stylus Pen with Highlighter

Twist action dual tip ballpoint pen with stylus tip and chisel tip highlighter on the opposite end. Silver body with matching stylus tip, frosted plastic grip and highlighter cap and chrome accents. Highlighter colour coincides with trim colour, green has a green highlighter, blue has a blue highlighter, red has a pink highlighter and black has a yellow highlighter. Colours: Blue, Red, Green and Yellow, Dimension: 145mm long

Casino Tri Highlighter

Round tri highlight marker. White centre with Blue, Pink and Yellow chisel shaped fluorescent highlight colours with matching caps. Colours - White Size - 70mm Dia. Decoration Area(s) - Pad Print : Front/Back - Circle 40mm Dia.; 4CP Digital Direct Print : Front/Back - Circle 40mm Dia.

Spinner Highlight Marker

Be the envy of the office or classroom with this cool spinner tri colour highlight marker. White body with 3 chisel tip highlight markers. Yellow, Pink, Blue with matching coloured click in caps. Steel bearings for fast spinning action. Centre is printed with your logo on one side of the highlight marker. Colours - White Size - 80 x 80 x 16mm (LxHxD) Decoration Area(s) - 4CP Digital Direct Print : 30mm Dia; Pad Print : 26mm Dia

Promo Highlighter

Description: Looking for a highlighter Penfor your client's corporate event? Then look no further than our Promo Highlighter!. Colours: Yellow. Materials: Plastic. Decoration Method: Pad Print

Tolinga Triangle Highlighter

A 3 colour combination highlighter featuring yellow, pink and green. Colours: White with Yellow, Green and Pink Highlighters, Dimension: 88mm w x 76mm h

The Naura Highlighter

A 2 colour combination highlighter featuring yellow and pink. Colours: White with Yellow and Pink Highlighters, Dimension: 95mm w x 25mm h
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