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Proman Pen

Features: Promotional products should pop. Aside from being useful, there is a need for them to be eyecatching as to generate attention and allow to for greater dissemination of the brand. This metallic coloured plastic pen does the job and more. It comes in colors like green, purple, and blue and a body that has a silver tip and clip.


Features: Fun, playful but still useful – those are words perfectly describing the Jane pen. It comes in a wide range of lively colours, has a push/click action that great for easy note taking, and a solid white barrel perfect for customisation. It is available for pad print and 4CP digital print.


Features: Aside from pens with push/click action, those with twist action also makes note-taking and free time more fun. This Touch pen is a twist action one that comes with coloured barrel with shiny silver trimming that makes it executive looking. It also comes with soft stylus tip that makes its compatible for use with smartphones and tablets.


Features: There’s something fulfilling with having a push/click pen, especially during a slow, lazy workday. This Kingsford pen offers a way to relieve stress whether its a slow workday or a hectic one filled with deadlines. It is made from plastic, wiith a solid white barrel that is accentuated with a colored rubber grip and a silver trim. Customisation for the pen is made by either pad printing or full colour digital printing.


Features: Transparent and colourful, that’s the Dolby pen. It comes in a transparent coloured barrel with matching rubber grip and silver trimmings to make it trendy and fun. It can be pad printed or digitally printed to fit your customisation needs.


Features: Normal but packs a punch. The Enviro pen is the silent killer in the world of promotional pens. It is a push/click action plastic pen that has a recycled paper barrel with coloured trim in black, blue and red.


Features: The Slimline pen is so slim it can easily be attached to your body for those instant notetaking needs. It is a push/click action aluminium pen with matter coloured pen with silver trimming, that makes it a useful and beautiful promotional product that commands good recall.


Features: The Premier pen lives up to its name by having that premier style mostly seen among business people. It is a twist action metal pen with matte coloured barrel that is accentuated with shiny silver trimming.


Features: White as a yeti, that’s exactly the Yeti ballpen. However, this pen differentiates itself by having a transparent top barrel that is available in different colours including red, blue, and black.


Features: Aluminium pens give businesses who gave them out more brand recall than anything else. It is due to the fact that such pens are more executive looking and easily tells that one is conducting serious business. The Wave pen is made from aluminium with chrome trimming and has a click action mechanism.


Features: A two-in-one ballpen and stylus – that’s the Negan ballpen. It is made from metal with abody that features black trim and comes with a touch stylus for use on smartphones and tablets. The pen is available in black inck and is cross style refillable.


Features: A metal ballpen that comes in pocketable and lightweight design. The Hotel ballpen delivers the same satisfaction value as that of premium pens as a promotional product. It features twist action and a slim metal body with chrom trim. Its black ink is also refillable cross-style.


Features: Only available in black, the Extige ballpen makes a stand to be a great promotional product for those brands catering to executives and high-end consumers. This metal ballpen features a painted barrel with chrome trim and can be cross-styled refilled.


Features: Can pens be as classy, elegant looking as your boss? Yes, according to the Governor pen. It’s an aluminium pen that is full of silver trim, making it as executive looking as an executive could get. It features a push/click mechanism, and a coloured body in pink, red, and green among others.


Features: Available in silver, blue and black, the Eccentric is a push/click action metal pen that comes in matte coloured barrel that has shiny silver trim that makes it stand out as a promotional product. It is available for pad printing or laser engraving.


Features: The Grid ballpen makes an ideal promotional product due to its unique design that’s done with simplicity. The pen is made from metal with twist action mechanism with its lower barrel designed with grid pattern and chrome trim. It is available in black ink that can be refilled.


Features: The Lisbon pen is made from aluminium with a click action mechanism. Its body is painted in colors of either black, silver or grey, comes with a matte black tip, grip and button. The pen also has a Parker-style refill feature.


Features: Simple but will likely gain more attention that it should due to its sleek, modern design. The Spyder is a metal ballpen with twist action mechanism. It comes with a chrome clip and black trim. It is also available for black ink cross refill.


Features: A metal pen for a promotional product means that the business is ready to treat its customers as their king. This Lioner pen is one great example of such gift. It is a metal ballpen with twist action mechanism and comes in a painted body highlighted by shiny chrome trim and clip. The pen comes in black ink and is refillable by cross style refill.

Clear Pen Box

Features: As Romeo is to Juliet and a pineapple is to a pizza, there is no doubt that this clear pen box matches your promotional pen. Great pairings make one outstanding and memorable gift. Pen sold separately.


Features: Pens are no longer just tubular in shape, that’s proven by this Barrister pen. It comes in a triangular shape, has push/click action, and a coloured barrel with black grip that’s accentuated with silver trimming for a business feel. It can be customised by pad printing or laser engraving.

3 pc wax highlighter

Features: Neon colors make a great highlighter. Their colour just pop out in a canvas of white paper. This 3-pieces Wax Highlighter knows exactly that and it is for that reason too that makes it a great promotional product. The long-lasting wax highlighters comes in a clear case, which can be customised with a full colour sticker.

Aluminium Gold Pen Box

Features: A packaging box that fits executive-looking pens for promotional giveaways. The Aluminium Gold Pen Box is as classy and timeless as one can get. Ballpen sold separately.

Aluminium Silver Pen Box

Features: A packaging box that fits executive-looking pens for promotional giveaways. The Aluminium Silver Pen Box is as classy and timeless as one can get. Ballpen sold separately.

Premium Pen Box

Features: Businesses who wants to treat their clients and customers like king should have this as part of their promotional gift. The Premium Pen Box is made wih quality materials to mimic that timeless style. It also comes with white stitching like how they do it in the olden days. Pen sold separately.

Light up pen

Features: Metallic-finished pens do really have something in it that makes it worthy of a glance. The Light Up Pen is no exemption to that. It is made from plastic but its barrel comes in several metallic colours including black, blue, green, and red.

MPEN11 Hickey Metal Pen

Features: Appreciate people you deal with in your business and make a strong statement by offering this Hickey Metal Pen. Features a unique and pretty appearance, this pen will give anyone a superb writing experience.

PPEN100 Maze Pens

Features: Boring office time? Slow days and boredom are memories of the past with this pen. Made from plastic, it is great during a full and exhausting day of work.

HPEN5 The Twin-Write Pen-Hightlighter

Features: Ballpoint Pen With Black Ink Chisel Tip Yellow H mmighlighter

HPEN660 Oasis Bottle-Inspired Pen

Features: PET Material Available With Black Or Blue Ink Plunger Action
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